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Don’t do drugs. Do me
Do drugs and me.
Do drugs with me. And then do me.

(via ekisaleks)

I hate how it’s more acceptable for females to have mental health issues, self harm, have scars and other problems. Like the feminist groups want females to have proper equality yet still frown upon males having scars on their arm. I’m fed up of having people say “stop cutting yourself” or “you cut yourself too much”. It’s fucking ridiculous. They see a female with scars on their arms but they don’t get that, they get a hug and an “are you ok?” We have problems and all humans are equal. Act like it because it’s terrible and it makes us feel like shit. We’re meant to be at the peek of the humans life cycle yet you still criticise mental health and ridicule us for something that we inflict on ourselves. It’s not your problem and it’s something only we can sort out ourselves. So don’t say anything, don’t stare, don’t feel them and don’t laugh at anyone for something as serious as mental health.

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